The Farm – Owners Comments

“Once part of Lord Milton’s great estate and, in the time of Thomas Hardy, a traditional downland sheep farm Luccombe has since grown corn, reared beef calves and produced milk from pedigree cows. It is now home to a variety of other animals”

“Luccombe is a family farm extending to a square mile in the very heart of Dorset. The views are glorious and even the sea is visible on a clear day”

“This whole area is steeped in history and all our old buildings are lovingly restored”

“We grow a variety of crops on the farm, partly for interest and partly to try to minimise risk. There is milling wheat for flour, bread and biscuits, but it rarely makes the grade. Barley for the malting trade and if not, for animal feed. Oats for your porridge, beans sometimes exported to Egypt and oil seed rape with its pretty early yellow flowers, for cooking oil and other industrial uses. Linseed, peas and canary grass have all been tried. The straw is either chopped behind the combine or sold for livestock feed, or bedding and recently as a fuel for biomass boilers. Mustard and fodder radish are planted as break crops and green manures in the autumn, to help feed the soils. We favour a long rotation and the plough. As they say, old habits still die hard.”

“Recently we have planted thousands of trees and created several ponds and we want you to enjoy them and the wild life that is attracted to these habitats.”

Murray & Amanda Kayll