26th May 2017

Two new arrivals & three new cottages!

We are happy to announce that our three new cottages, Blossom, Lavender & Turnip Cottage (all named after our favourite cows) are now open at last and ready to welcome guests to Luccombe. They have been furnished to meet the modern standards of today and are all equipped with a power shower.

Two baby lambs popped out quite unexpectedly the other day to sheep no.14 (Sybil) a proud mother (better late than never…).

We are also working on the gardens and ponds, the lower lake desperately needs some rain (perhaps not what our guests want on their holiday though!)

4th December 2016

Christmas at Luccombe

Christmas is coming!  I know that because last night was the final  lesson of my Spanish course, and our Mexican teacher Elizabeth gave us an end of term Christmas party, all in Spanish of course.  Our village Church, St James, wants another one of our overgrown Christmas trees this year.  Oh dear, they don’t understand that these are now some 30ft tall, and when I fell one for them it is always a pure lottery as to its cosmetic appearance.  We hold a Christmas tree festival in the church and folk come with their small well shaped trees and beautifully decorate them.  Quite a contrast to our misshapen monster opposite the pulpit.

The cottages were all inspected yesterday by the tourist board and retained their four keys.  We call them “Quirky” and “Non-Contemporary”.  But our new ones on up the hill will be “Minimal” and thus “Fully Contemporary”!  We hope to have them ready for Easter.  The weathermen are murmuring about a hard winter, in which case our new Rointe heaters will come into their own.  But not too hard I hope even though George the Donkey and the Sheep seem to quite like the snow…


Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year or, as they say in Spain, Un Feliz Navidad y Un Año Nuevo Feliz y Esperanzado